School Council

A School Council comprised of parents, teacher and support staff representatives, community members and the principal has been an integral part of Fenelon Township School since 1996.

The four main goals of our School Council are:

Education: to educate ourselves on how the whole system works from school budgets to the role of the Board of Education and the Ministry of Education;

Communication: to enhance the level of information from all sources that is provided to parents;

Fundraising: to set the mandate and support the fund-raising committee in its endeavours;

School: to support the school in the implementation of the School Improvement Plan. All School Council meetings are open and the attendance by parents and teachers is welcomed and encouraged. School Council news and minutes of meetings are posted on the bulletin board by the office and the school newsletter includes notes from the Council keeping parents up to date on meetings and activities.


The current School Council is composed of the following people:

Co-Chair – Karyn Norris and Kim Waterbury

Treasurer – Kellie Hayman

Secretary – Sandi Grad

Members – Tammy Peterkin, Lisa Worsley, Maureen Williams, Sabrina Findlay, Sara Walker-Howe, Stella Soutar, Valerie Coleman

Principal – Heather Cockburn

Staff Representative – Sallie Byer