Bullying and Being Active

On Friday November 13th the kindergarten to grade 4 students were visited by the Peterborough Mental Health Association. They were there to put on a presentation for the students and help them become aware of some issue that are happening in schools. They did two puppet plays for the children, the first one was called “Don’t Just Sit There; Do Something”. This play talked about the importance of getting exercise each day for an hour and a half, so that you stay healthy and fit. The puppets also reminded the children that stretching before playing was important so you don’t pull a muscle and prevent injury. The students really enjoyed this play; they said that the stretching part was the funniest part of the whole play. They really liked the different sound effects that the puppets used to emphasize the stretching routine. As a break between plays the children learned a new song about a thirsty moose, and they got to dance around and sing the song.Picture_005

The second play was called; “You’re Not the Boss of Me”! This play had the puppets act out a bullying scenario where the children were called on to give advice on how to solve the problem. Some of the suggestions that the students came up with were; tell a teacher or adult, confront the bully and the one liked by the majority was confuse the bully. The children suggested that by giving the bully compliments like, nice shoes, and nice clothes would confuse the bully and they would stop picking on you.

All the students enjoyed the plays as they were funny and educational. The primaries would recommend that other schools go to see them.


Ideas for writing by:  Courtney M., Evan H., Bradley H., Ava S.

Written by:  Mr. Codie Grant(Student Teacher)