Equine Extravaganza

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EquineExtravaganza013Equine Extravaganza
By Trinity

EquineExtravaganza103On Friday May 23rd the grade 4/5 class went to the Equine Extravaganza at the Lindsay Fairgrounds. First we went to the grand stand and we watched horse racing and bull racing and we saw this person named Candice and her horse named spike riding and they did a whole bunch of cool tricks. There was this dude named Brinson and he did a whole bunch of rope tricks. Next we went to the petting zoo and we learned a little bit about horses and we got to see horseshoes and we also got to feel the horseshoes. The funny part about that was when the 22 year old donkey pooped when the guy was explaining about the horses hooves and what we were going to do when we got the chance to pet and ride the horses . After that we got to ride and meet the horses and finally we went back onto the bus with Ridgewood and we went back to school.