Grade Room #  
JK/SK 127 Mrs. H. Earp and Mrs. C. Ingram
1/2 118 Mrs. P. Barrow
2/3 116 Mrs. S. Gilmour(am)  and
Mrs. C. Armstrong(pm)
4/5 104 Mrs. A. Karklins
6/7 107 Ms. S. McNab
7/8 103 Mr. A. Hiscock(am) and
Ms. K. Staples(pm)
 Primary Prep Mr. A. Hiscock (pm)
Library Technician
Core French 105 Mlle S. Gilmour (pm)
Resource 114 Ms. H. Crowther
Instructional Lead Mrs. M. Tindale
Educational Assistant Ms. A. Byrne, Mrs. T. Serracino, Ms. L. Forbes,  and Ms. R. Walker
Principal Ms. Kerri Lyn McFaul
Secretary Ms. Penny Power
Custodian Mr. Brian Hartle