Hey, Brother

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Bulletin Board
Bulletin Board

For the last couple of months the Grade 2 and the Grade 2/3 class have been listening to a different song each week. This week, two boys from Mrs. Burnie’s class, Nolan and William, asked if the 2s and 3s could do “Hey, Brother”.

Listen to “Hey, Brother”

Nolan said, “I picked it because me and William both really like the song.” and William followed up with, “The song is really good because they are talking about never giving up on someone. You can always trust them and they won’t turn their back on you and say they won’t help you. I really like the Songs of the Week.”

Through singing, the classes are learning new vocabulary and identifying words from the word wall. It encourages reading. As Cutter noted, “I like the songs because they’re good.” By the end of the week students are reading with fluency and have also learned to how to pick out the main idea of the song.

Mrs. Burnie and Ms. Crowther also picked songs as a focus because at the beginning of the year they learned that most students are Music Smart. As Delaney Varty confirmed, “I like them because I like singing.”

Take a listen to the link above to hear the lyrics to the song “Hey, brother”.