Huntsville High School Mental Health Committee creates inspiring mural

The Huntsville High School (HHS) Mental Health Committee/Chapter recently created a mural to promote and support students’ mental health and well-being.

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails” was a quote already familiar to students as it existed on the wall in the school. Students in the committee, Tiya Patel, Jillian Fleming, Jorja Hammond, Phoebe Kujala, Ella Carnduff, and Liv Rossett, were inspired by the quote and wanted to bring more attention to it, so they all worked together to design and paint the mural, each having a different role. Duties included drafting ideas, designing the image, sharing positive affirmations, booking space/resources, soliciting donated supplies, painting, as well as sharing progress via the school’s Instagram account.

“It was honestly a really fun way to spend the weekend,” said HHS Grade 12 student and committee member, Tiya Patel. “It felt great knowing that students were going to come in on Monday and see something new and hopefully take the time to read it. The Mental Health Committee has worked very hard this year and it feels nice knowing that the committee has made their mark on the school, in both a physical capacity and through our initiatives, events, and programs at HHS.”

The HHS Mental Health Committee is a student-led committee that was created during the COVID-19 pandemic. The committee most recently became a chapter this school year, joining a national organization of youth leaders working to destigmatize mental health and promote mental well-being, whether that be through encouraging self-care or illuminating mental health resources at HHS and within our community. The committee does this through providing information and education, as well as running events, initiatives, and posting infographics on the school’s instagram page at @huntsville.hs.

Next time you’re at HHS, check out the mural in the main stairwell between the second and third floor!

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