As part of our school’s continuing improvement plan, we are constantly searching for ways to promote a healthy environment and increase the use of the three R’s (respect, responsibility, recycle).

One of the initiatives at our school is to promote and encourage “Litterless Lunches”. The purpose of the initiative is to raise student awareness of the need to reduce the amount of waste, we, as a society, generate and to recognize the benefits, both in terms of cost and resources, of using reusable containers, etc. By promoting litterless lunches, we hope that families and students will consider using reusable containers, such as drink containers, plastic water bottles, Tupperware containers, etc., in an effort to reduce the amount of waste generated in our school. These items need not be special, fancy, or purchased. Look around in your kitchen cupboard. Perhaps, you already have something that would serve the purpose of holding a drink, as opposed to a juice box, which must be recycled or disposed of. Plastic baggies can be rinsed and reused a number of times. The solutions are meant to be simple and readily at hand for those concerned about our environment.