Mabels Labels Fundraising Campain

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Buy Mabel's labels to support our school fundraiser.


Fenelon Township is fundraising with Mabel’s Labels. The proceeds will go towards our extracurricular activities this school year.

Image of objects such as lunch items which you can order labels for.


Here are the steps to place an order:

Step 1: To choose our school, your first step is to visit the Mabel’s website,  click the “Support A Fundraiser” button located on the top of your screen, and then select Fenelon Township Public School from the drop-down list.

shows how to select school
Step 2: Once your organization has been selected, you will be directed to a landing page that will say “Fenelon Township Public School Welcomes You To Our Page Click here to buy”
Cute group of students showing off their labels.

Step 3: Go ahead and press the pink “Click here to buy” button. Now, you have entered our website and are crediting your order to your campaign. How can you tell? Your Organization/Campaign Name will be listed on the top left of the screen.
Don’t see it? Then you aren’t in the right place. Call or email us to assist you with placing an order in support of your fundraiser.
Demonstrates what it looks like on your screen when you have selected our school.